Meet Our Founder.

Marketing strategist and digital advertising guru, Ant knows how to get your brand in front of your ideal customer. Since nailing his Business Management degree with a major in marketing, Ant has been eating up marketing strategies for breaky. Now studying Psychology part-time (with a particular interest in consumer psychology), he is motivated to touch the hearts and minds of audiences at every step of your advertising funnel. 

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social media is changing.

As we see an increase in privacy laws and terms for social media giants, advertisers are beginning to experience a decrease in personalised ads and tracking. These changes are soon to (and already) drastically changing the paid advertising world.


The brands and advertisers that will survive will be those that deeply know their customer and speak to that persona through advertising.

That's where Chum steps in.

An unmatched digital strategy, clever creatives, copy that connects and people that truly care about the success of your business.